Products Overview

Portable Office/Dwelling Solutions

Our Portable Office/Dwelling Solutions line utilizes steel structure frame design for modular applications that can increase work or living space. Our products have superior thermal insulation and can be flame retardant and/or bullet proof; if required. Design flexibility allows doors, windows, etc. to be repositioned to best suit site space configurations and appearance. Product can be dissembled,transferred and reused within its optimal structural life of up to 15 years.

Light Steel Structures

Our Light Steel Structures solutions save upto 30% of design and construction time. With little foundational development, installation is quick and easy; producing minimum noise and no harmful effects.

Air Conditioners

Our climate units include Thyristor speed controlled technology with multi wind speed for quite operation. Units contain digital display LCD screens, V,M,P & W inner system operations (70,000 - 24,000BTU).

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